Snow Removal

Is the snow piling up and in your way?  Tired of moving snow or need help moving snow?  Let us perform your snow removal tasks.  We have a variety of equipment at our disposal to help you.  Call Todd at 307-752-2787 for more information.

Pond Construction Project – From Planning to Finished Product

On this job, we were contacted to perform all tasks start-to-finish for constructing a pond.  We did all this work in-house from the engineering design, permitting and construction.  Below are pictures showing the progress of the Phase I work that was completed just before the snow came.  Next spring we will clean up all the excavated material and finish the areas around the impoundment.



Dust suppressant and road stabilization

Tired of the dusty roads or seeing your loose aggregate laying on the sides of the road?  Wagner Ranch Services is now applying a product called Road Genesis that is both a dust suppressant and road stabilization product.  It works with gravel, scoria and recycled aggregate products.  Road genesis is a non-corrosive material and is environmentally friendly.  Below are some pictures of us applying the product to a quarry road, ranch road and a subdivision road.  Please contact us for more information or a free estimate for your project.