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Est. 2001

Taylor Quarry Rocks was founded in 2001 when LeRoy Taylor bought the land that became Taylor Ranch. Sheridan County had a small scoria quarry on this land near Acme that later became the site of Taylor Quarry and Taylor Quarry Rocks. Taylor Quarry started supplying material for landscaping and roads.

The material from this quarry is such high quality that it is one of the few scoria quarries to meet the hardness specifications for chip-sealing. This is in contrast to other scoria quarries in the area that have a tendency to produce softer, more slabby materials. In addition to the functional quality of this material, landscapers quickly noticed the beautiful, unique tri-coloration of the material produced here. This coloration of material is often referred to as a “Western Sunset” landscaping material. This decorative Western Sunset rock has become very popular throughout the United States.

Today, Wagner Ranch Services, LLC has taken over operations of Taylor Quarry. We continue to produce and provide excellent quality Western Sunset material for landscaping and construction. Additionally, we sell a variety of our gravel and other landscaping products to provide a convenient location for all your aggregate needs.

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